Escape Rooms in Estonia

Estonia is home to many interesting attractions, from castles and historic villages to a variety of natural landmarks, but it may not occur to the average tourist to explore the wide variety of escape rooms in Estonia.

The great thing about developing an enthusiasm for escape rooms – also referred to as escape games and exit games – is that the room escape phenomenon has no boundaries. This means that in just about every city you visit, whether you’re close to home or abroad, you’ll find new escape adventures to try.

There are approximately 20 unique escape rooms in Estonia, with even more in the planning and construction stages.

There’s an Escape Room Out There for Everyone

A lot of people have the misconception that escape rooms are scary – perhaps because of the word “escape” in the title.

But the truth is, the objective in many escape rooms is not specifically to escape.

Players in some escape rooms follow clues to uncover a secret or solve a mystery. Rather than being scary, these games are exciting real-life fictional scenarios – opportunities to participate in a story, rather than passively reading it or watching it on a screen.

Then again, there are escape games that are deliberately designed with horror fans in mind.

The escape rooms in Estonia cater to people who prefer both types of adventure.

Escape Rooms for Beginners

If you’re just getting started, you’re probably looking for a room that’s on the easier side. While the average success rate for most exit games is pretty low, you don’t want your first experience to be excessively discouraging.

One escape room in Tallinn called The Stormy Ocean promises a medium difficulty level, meaning 46 to 84 percent of players successfully complete the objective without requesting any hints. In this scenario, you’ll work with your team to avoid going down with a sinking ship.

In another medium difficulty game in Tallinn, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, you’ll race the clock to escape imprisonment by a ruthless Mexican gang.

Escape Rooms for Mystery Lovers

Some people aren’t as interested in the escape as they are in following clues and discovering the answer to a mystery. If you’re in your element when the game’s afoot, there are escape rooms in Estonia that cater to the sleuth within.

The Office of John Monroe in Peviljon and Baker Street 221B in Tallinn offer players murder mysteries to solve.

For a chance to step into the shoes of master detective Sherlock Holmes, you can uncover the secret behind a mysterious disappearance in Sherlock Holmes, also located in Tallinn.

Escape Rooms for Horror Fans

Perhaps you like solving puzzles, but it’s the adrenaline rush of racing against time to escape implied horrors that really gives you a buzz.

If you’re looking for room escapes that put you in [imaginary] harm’s way, there are escape rooms in Estonia that offer the terrifying scenarios you’re looking for.

RoomEscape in Tartu has two horror-themed escape rooms to get your heart racing. Try Ward No. 205 to face the nightmare of being locked in an asylum where modern mental health treatments haven’t quite caught on yet! Then in Factory Street Butcher, test your skills against a serial killer who likes to toy with his victims.

In Tallinn, you can get locked in the Slaughterhouse, another serial killer’s lair where your wits and courage will be the only things that can save you from certain doom.

Escape Rooms for Seasoned Players

For some, it’s not the theme or narrative that makes escape rooms a go-to entertainment choice. Some people just want to face immense challenges and prove they’ve got what it takes to win.

For those who want to match their mental prowess against some of the craftiest puzzle-designers out there, these difficult Estonia exit games should deliver.

In Abandoned Factory in Tallinn, if you don’t solve the puzzles and find the key to escape, a series of bombs will be detonated throughout your city. This room is ranked at a high difficulty level, meaning fewer than 20 percent of players complete the objective before the time runs out.

You might also want to try the challenges of Red Alert, at the Getaway Zone in Tallinn, where you can try to steal classified materials from a secret KGB headquarters before being caught.

Find Your Escape Adventure Today

Whether you’re a resident looking for a new way to spend a Friday night with your mates, or you’re a visitor who wants to enjoy everything Estonia has to offer, you should definitely give escape rooms a chance.

Finding and booking escape rooms in Estonia is easy, and once you’ve played one, you’ll never look back.

No matter what your experience level and interests might be, you won’t have to go far to find an escape room in Estonia that’s a great fit.

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